Dion Dimucci – Official Website

Not at all Australian but it goes to show what long term recovery can do. 47 years Clean this year.

Music Critics say he is the only first-generation rock and roll artist who who has remained creative and relevant through the decades. In 1958 He had three top-forty hits. In 2007 He was nominated for a Grammy. His last three albums have some of his best work.

Dion and his music represent a special time and place . . . a moment when a song could mean so much and a singer could sum up what it means to be young, in love and on top of the world.

A street poet and singer of extraordinary versatility, range and resonance, Dion defined Rock ‘n’ Roll for a generation

via Dion Dimucci – Official Website.

via Dion Dimucci – Official Website.


5 thoughts on “Dion Dimucci – Official Website”

  1. To whomever created this page and to Dion, I thank God for both of you and will be continuing to visit this page. Prayerfully yours, Ed. (leaving my wife’s email as mine is currently down)


  2. DION DIMUCCI – what a VERY *GREAT MAN – *MUSICIAN – *SINGER – *ARTIST – *SUPER TALENT! GOD BLESS YOU & YOUR MUSIC ALWAYS and for making is *HAPPY with all your songs.
    A HUGE Fan in Michigan
    Doug Mills


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