Children of Addiction

“I live with an alcoholic mother and it’s like every day when she starts to drink I lose her, so everyday I am grieving. I am coping by going to group and individual counseling.” High School Sophomore


“My dad is an alcoholic. I don’t know how to deal with it but I try not to think about it because whenever I do I think about of death. I don’t know what to do!” High School Senior


“what can I do when one of my family members drinks a lot? I am really worried and I cry about it a lot?”  High School Freshman


These are among the many notes I receive from students after I deliver my presentation, Teens Coping with Grief, Loss and Other Tough Stuff.


A great web site with a lot of helpful information is:   (National Association for Children of Alcoholics)



Here is a wonderful article by Claudia Black who has written much in the field of addiction in the past 30 years that you will find on

Children of Addiction

via Children of Addiction.

via Children of Addiction.


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