Managing Chronic Pain in Sobriety | The Fix

Managing Chronic Pain in SobrietyBy Amy Dresner 01/30/12As a sober addict prescribed Oxycodone, comedian Amy Dresner was careful to follow doctor’s orders. Then her disease kicked in.Taken as prescribed…by my addict brain Photo viaI had been back in the rooms for a year-and-a-half when I developed a devastatingly painful shoulder condition. My shoulder had been hurting for months, slowly getting stiffer by the day, and the pain became more excruciating as the weeks went by. At first I thought it was from my overly heavy beat-up Balenciaga handbag, laden with gum, lotion, business cards, tampons, change and lip gloss, that I religiously cart around. But I started to take my injury more seriously when I couldn’t raise my arm to the side or above my head: it was literally frozen. After a few misdiagnoses—torn rotator cuff and tendinitis—many X-rays and loud-banging MRI’s, I was eventually crowned with a little-known but incredibly painful diagnoses of “Frozen Shoulder.””Is that like cold shoulder?” fellow comics would joke. “Oh yes, but much bitchier,” I’d reply.While I’d heard about people going out on pain pills after years of sobriety, I rationalized that pills weren’t my bag.

Source: Managing Chronic Pain in Sobriety | The Fix


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