HBANANA2ere is the weekend program for the Banana Coast Rally in August. A new flier will be out this week

4pm-Fellowship and Registrations Open

7-8.30PM Welcome/PI Speakers/open to public and professionals
8.30 Supper

7.30-8.30 Step 11 Prayer and Meditation Workshop
8.30-9.15 Breakfast
9.30-10.30 Meeting ‘Step 1’
10.30 -11am Morning Tea
11-12.30 Meeting ‘Step 8 and 9- Family and Relationships’ AA with Al-Anon and Alateen Participation
11-12.30 Emotional Sobriety Workshop
1-2.30PM Lunch
2.30-3.30 Meeting ’Young people’s meeting -Pass the BB on’
4-5 Meeting ‘Step 6 & 7’
6.30 Meeting ‘Guest Speaker ‘Roy from Sydney
7pm Auction and Dinner/Dance (Alanon and Alateen invited)
7.30-11pm Entertainment-AA Ukeholics then dance on with ‘The Refreshments’)

7.30-8.30 Morning meditation and yoga with John
8.30-9.15 Breakfast
9.30-10.30 Meeting ‘Step 3 Spiritual Concept’
10.30 -11am Morning Tea
11AM-12.30 Meeting ‘Old Timers’ and Sobriety Countdown’
12.30-1.30 Lunch
Great program lineup!!!!!!!

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