I cannot accurately convey the efficiency of heroin in neutralising pain. It transforms a tight white fist into a gentle brown wave, and from my first inhalation 15 years ago it fumigated my private hell. A bathroom floor in Hackney embraced me like a womb, and now whenever I am dislodged from comfort my focus falls there. Russell Brand


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And then there was Williams’ well-documented addiction to cocaine.

“There’d be those nights when you do cocaine and you’d be like, ‘I’M GONNA DIE! I’M GONNA DIE! I’M GONNA DIE!’,” he said in one interview. “And then you’d wake up the next morning: ‘I didn’t die! Let’s try it again.’ ”

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I’ve led most of my life like a typical sixties brat. You know, drugs, sex, and rock ‘n’ roll.”


 ― Gary Goldstick, Saving the Karamazovs

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I will lift up mine eyes unto the pills. Almost everyone takes them, from the humble aspirin to the multi-coloured, king-sized three deckers, which put you to sleep, wake you up, stimulate and soothe you all in one. It is an age of pills.
Malcolm Muggeridge.

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The drug addict’s mind grows hungry for drugs as his stomach growls for food, and nothing other than drugs can make him gratified and happy.


– Dr T.P.Chia

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Cocaine Lil and Morphine Sue

Did you ever hear about Cocaine Lil?
She lived in Cocaine town on Cocaine hill,
She had a cocaine dog and a cocaine cat,
They fought all night with a cocaine rat.

She had cocaine hair on her cocaine head.
She had a cocaine dress that was poppy red:
She wore a snowbird hat and sleigh-riding clothes,
On her coat she wore a crimson, cocaine rose.

Big gold chariots on the Milky Way,
Snakes and elephants silver and gray.
Oh the cocaine blues they make me sad,
Oh the cocaine blues make me feel bad.

Lil went to a snow party one cold night,
And the way she sniffed was sure a fright.
There was Hophead Mag with Dopey Slim,
Kankakee Liz and Yen Shee Jim.

There was Morphine Sue and the Poppy Face Kid,
Climbed up snow ladders and down they…

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I am going insane. Yes. That is what´s happening. Good. Insane. Suzanne Finnamore


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You had control of my body now, and if I didn’t choose you,
you made me feel so sick to where I was helpless not knowing what to do.

By now I started doing the things I swore I would never do,
lying and stealing off the people who didn’t mean a thing to you.

You had me convinced that throughout my life you were determined to stay, that I did not have that option of turning and walking away.

Source: Addicted To Heroin Poem, Dear Heroin
Family Friend Poems

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Death and drink-draining are near neighbours.

There will be mud on the carpet tonight and blood in the gravy as well. The wifebeater is out, the childbeater is out eating soil and drinking bullets from a cup.[Anne Sexton (1928-1974), U.S. poet. “The Wifebeater.”]

Source: Death and drink-draining are near neighbours. | THE OLD PROVERBIAL RECOVERY